So... Why Partner with IMS?

For franchisees, benefits include:

Greater Purchasing Power
With access to over 15,000 IMS businesses trading in the US and Canada, your newly signed clients will have immediate access to buy and sell from a wide array of businesses, providing a strong foundation for your franchise's success.

A greater connection to profitability
You will have a higher chance to succeed and shorter time to achieve profitability than in a standalone startup trade exchange. With economies of scale, your costs can be lower.

Use of established business model
With established systems and guidelines for you to follow, you will be able to get acclimated quickly and successfully.

We have Proven Systems
We have in place a full sales and brokering division, our Trade Network Tracking (TNT) software, the website, 24-hr authorization phone access, marketing literature, events, 15,000 trading partners, travel division, media division, accounting department, human resources department, legal department, and collections division. Our accounting department handles monthly member statement printing.

All businesses are potential clients
IMS’ target market is businesses in your local and surrounding community. This makes all businesses potential clients. You will deal with other business owners that utilize the products and services offered in the IMS Network.

The selling power of a known brand
With offices in 18 US states and Canada serving 54 markets, IMS has 35 years of establishing our brand and building lasting business relationships.

Initial training and ongoing support
Your IMS Franchise ownership begins with a week of training at the IMS Headquarters, followed by a week of onsite support and training at your new location. You will have a network of peers (fellow franchisees) to provide advice and moral support through a company intranet, annual conferences, and franchisee associations. In addition, the IMS Franchise Support Team will be available for questions and issues related to your IMS Franchise.

Assistance with securing funding
IMS will provide a trade loan for financing fees and establishing your marketplace.

Trade Network Tracking (TNT)
The company's proprietary transaction clearing software, TNT, enables businesses and individuals to trade goods and services online using an electronic currency known as trade dollars.

Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday
We are a business-to-business barter exchange that serves the business community from 8:30am to 5pm. This gives our Franchise owners the ability to enjoy more time with their families.