​Running a Spa in the Time of Covid-19

In the last few years, one of the top growing businesses was that of the spa and salon industry due to the renewed focus on personal health and wellness. However, like many business owners, 2020 decided to have different plans for growing and maintaining businesses.

Currently many states are in an interesting flux of reopening or bringing back lockdown or stricter policies. In an industry where personal interaction and physical contact is absolutely necessary, many spa and salon owners are left wondering - where does that leave us?

At IMS we not only want to help you stay open and afloat during this time, but to help you in any way necessary. After some research many spas and salons are working on the following to help run their businesses in this uncertain time.

Eliminate any unnecessary contact

Many are investing in their websites that eliminate paying in person or sitting in the waiting area. Virtual appointment making and check-in’s help regulate that quantity of people in the store and being able to pay in advance online helps with handling machines and cards. These two things alone will help cut down on the amount of contact between customers and your staff, customers with other customers, and the amount of time your customers are in your store.

IMS can help add these features to your website by helping you connect with top of the line web designers. By using your trade for these updates, you can keep that very vital cash in your business and keep your employees.

Some things that may get overlooked when it comes to contact: communal coat racks, magazines and look books in the waiting areas, decorative knick knacks, products, even plants. You may want to consider removing some of these items. Keep products in a closed display to which only employees have access.

Marketing your Inventory

When you can’t bring the same amount of clients to you, your inventory can help keep your account in the black. You can continue to sell your products in store, but consider moving your products online - whether on your own website or the IMS Marketplace. This can help customers feel more comfortable and secure being able to buy their needed products online rather than having to go in store.

The IMS Marketplace is really an unsung hero of the IMS network. Can you imagine the broader reach you could have from other IMS members in different states, who buy your products? All thanks to the IMS Marketplace? If you would like to get your products on the IMS Marketplace, contact your Broker and they will walk you through how easy it is.

Also don’t forget the power of gift cards. If you need to have some made, IMS can connect you to both designers and printers that are looking for work right now. They will help you.

Stay Connected

This one may sound simple, but your clients want to know how you are doing and what measures you are taking in regards to health and safety. The best ways to connect and keep your clients up to date is through social media, an email newsletter, and a message on the front page of your website.

It turns out that many spas and salons are even adapting to doing online consultations or instructional videos on how to use certain products or tutorials on how to do certain styles.

Things you could include in these messages are your cleaning policies, what to expect from your technicians or stylists, any changes to your business hours, your requirements about masks, how to make appointments online, what payments you are accepting, what services are still available, your flexibility on canceling an appointment and cancelation fees, gift card reminders, and products you have in your inventory.

Make sure they know you are willing to answer any questions, especially the hard questions and be prepared for them.

If you are worried that you don’t have the techy-know-how for this, again IMS can help you with that. We are the largest barter community in the United States for a reason. We help you change the way you do business. And right now, we need to change to keep our businesses working.

Keeping your employees safe and informed

Your employees are one of the most valuable parts of your business. Stay up to date by following credible, official sources on what is recommended by both the CDC and your local health department so you can adopt those safety and health procedures for your business. Make sure your employees know these procedures and practices to keep them safe.

Encourage them to really invest and be aware about their personal health. If they are not feeling well, let them stay home. Guide them to IMS for supplemental health benefits as well. Our network has a wide range of health professionals ready for your call.

Additionally, the IMS Marketplace has a selection of PPE such as masks and gloves, industrial cleaning products, and sanitizers available. Use your trade to get those products for your location and save, save, save, that cash.

If your employees know that you want to look out and care for them, they will support you no matter what else 2020 has in store for the remaining year.

IMS is here to help you and your business. If you have a need, give us a call and we will work to meet that need. Our phones and emails are waiting for your call.

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