Social Distancing Safe Summer Activities

As states start to open and ease up on restrictions, it is still important to stay safe and stay healthy this summer. We did some research on activities that medical professionals are saying are low risk and great for social distancing for the summer. We took that research and compiled a few things that are not only social distancing friendly but also available on trade!

  1. Camping - Being outdoors is one of the best activities that is social distancing friendly! That being said, did you know what we have campsites available from our Travel Department? Not only that, we have camping supplies ready for you in the IMS Marketplace.
  2. Fishing - Building off the outdoor theme, fishing is great and easy to social distance. We have guided fishing charters available from our Travel Department AND a wide selection of baits, lures, rods, and more in the IMS Marketplace. Stock up now and start planning the fishing trip of your dreams!
  3. Boating - Whether it's speed boats, fishing boats, kayaks, stand up paddle boards, or canoes, we have clients that provide rentals for these. OR if you are looking to accessorize your water transport, you might want to check out the IMS Marketplace...
  4. Take a Hike - If you are more of a land person than a water person, consider taking a hike! Yes we can recommend some hiking trails in your area, but what we can do is outfit you for your hiking needs. Need new hiking boots? The IMS Marketplace has them. Need a new backpack? The IMS Marketplace has those too!

  5. Go Golfing - If your definition of “outdoors” does not include camping, hiking or fishing, try golfing. The majority of the golf courses we have on trade are practicing good social distancing practices as well as Corona Prevention practices. Contact your broker to see what golf courses are open and ready in your area!
  6. Have a Picnic - A picnic is a simple and easy thing to do that is social distancing friendly. Order a takeout order or a curbside pick up from an IMS restaurant, head to the nearest park, find a good spot and have a picnic! Besides, when was the last time you had a picnic?
  7. Stay at a Cabin - If a tent isn’t your style, try a cabin! Contact our Travel Department to learn about the best cabins, vacations homes, and rustic lodges we have available!
  8. Master Grilling - Now that it’s summer, it's the perfect time to master a classic summer activity: grilling. From Grills to utensils to meat packages, IMS can get your ready and prepared to become a Master Griller.

We want you to have a fun and safe summer, and if we can help you save some cash along the way, even better! A few other things to keep in mind is to wear a mask when possible, be diligent about washing your hands and using hand sanitizer, stay hydrated and wear sunscreen.

If you have any questions or want to make any plans based on our list, call your broker! They will make sure you have a healthy and safe summer adventure!

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