Healthy Travel Tips

As we know, traveling was redefined in 2020 due to the global pandemic. People reconsidered how to travel, where to travel, and how to travel safely. The IMS Travel department is here to help you travel safely in 2021.

Here are our tips for a healthy and safe travel experience:

Tip #1: Make Safe Choices when Booking

Reducing your risk of getting Covid starts with the decision you make while booking your flights, hotels, or any other reservations. Before you book, make sure you know about their coronavirus prevention policies - are you required to wear masks? Do they have sanitation stations available? Are there contactless options? What are their cleaning protocols?

Tip #2: Make your Travel Plans Flexible and Adaptable

When booking flights or even if you are driving, make sure you are aware of cancelation policies. If the policies seem like they haven’t been updated, call and ask what their cancelation policies are, if there are any cancelation fees, and if they are unable to cancel your reservation or refund your tickets, see if they will be willing to move the date to a later time.

Tip #3: Consider Staycations or Vacation Spots near you

How well do you know your state? Have you been to the main attractions in your area? You should consider staying closer to home this year. Luckily for you, IMS has hundreds of properties across the United States from vacation homes, to cabins to Bed & Breakfast inns. Visit our Travel page to find what’s close to you or email us at

Tip #4: Check the local requirements and restrictions of your destination

Even though there are common things we know to do - wash our hands often, wear a mask, etc, each state, even counties/cities, vary in their requirements for Covid precautions. Some may require a quarantine period, or others maybe have restrictions of capacity limits for dining or entertainment venues. Check the city’s/area’s health department websites for the most current information.

Tip #5 Follow the typical Covid Precautions

Wash your hands often, carry hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes or sprays on you/with you, maintain social distancing whenever possible. Wear a mask whenever possible. Did you know that you can actually use your trade to purchase PPE? Check out the IMS marketplace for PPE, like masks and sanitizers.

Tip #6: Be Aware of your Health

If you are feeling unwell, stay home. If you can get tested. Your health and the health of others, like those who are chronically poor of health or immunocompromised, are extraordinarily important.

Tip #7: Consider getting vaccinated

According to the CDC, fully vaccinated people can travel without needing to get tested before or after traveling or self-quarantine after traveling within the United States. However, you still may need to quarantine depending on your destination outside of the US. If you want to get the vaccine, talk to your health care provider about where you can receive it.

We hope these travel tips will help you in your future travel plans! If you want to book a vacation or even purchase a travel gift card, contact us at or 800-599-8515 ext 4.

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