Rare Lithograph. Father,son, Holy Ghost by B. Meicol


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Limited edition signed and numbered space lithographs by artist B. Meicol. Father, Son, and Holy Ghost looking down on Spacewalker Alexei Leonov measure 25x34 #s available are 831,841-842,864-868,887,891-900 Cost $450. each. Current price has sale included. Note, I had a Salvadore Dali listed on IMS for $6.500 for two months and nobody bought it. I put it up on ebay and sold it the next day for $6,500 cash. Pay attention! If you have IMS dollars just sitting around without spending, it does not make you any money or profit. You would do yourself good to invest in Coins, Stamps, Art, Antiques and collectibles rather than let you IMS dollars just sit around. For example, 20 years ago I purchased some Bill Mack art on trade for about $4,500 and sold one of the two pieces later for 7,500 cash on ebay and another for $32,000.
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