Super Rare Book: Ali Baba or the Forty Thieves


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This is a first Edition of ALI BABA or the FORTY THIEVES. COPYRIGHTED 1889 by McLoughlin Bros New York. 12 pages including front and back cover. A very early Comic Book Predecessor. This is not the later edition of Ali Baba AND the Forty Thieves. This is the original ALI BABA OR THE FORTY THIEVES. There are currently not any other examples for sale in the world besides this one. This is an extremely rare children's book and is over over 125 years old! 6 Beautiful Full Color Lithograph Illustrations plus 6 more three color illustrations not shown (Black, red on white.) Size is approx. 7"x9" PLEASE DO NOT COPY THE COPYRIGHTED PHOTOS. THESE PHOTOS ARE UNIQUE AND ONE OF A KIND AND CAN BE TRACED BY THEIR INDIVIDUAL CHARACTERISTICS. Price marked down.
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