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This album dates ca. 1870-1890. It has a Orange Velvet Cover with 15 Heavy Panels that provide four windows per side. Each panel will hold 8 Carte de Vista Photos for a total of 60. There are 4 Original Antique photos included with the album. Album needs restoration being some of the slots are torn or ripped. If you are good with a glue stick you can restore it. If you prefer to leave it as it is as a 120 year old relic, you do not need to restore. $150 IMS. I have had this Album in my collection for over 35 years. Time to let it go to a new home. Buyer to pay NV sales tax and actual shipping charges. If you pick up at IMS office, Las Vegas, thee is not a shipping charge. I don't make money on shipping and would rather hand deliver to IMS and save you money. Current priced marked down.
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