French Village Series: “False Face” Original Facial Painting


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Benicia, CA
Original Facial Painting from the French Village Series: entitled “False Face”, acrylic on canvas, created by northern California artist Marques Vickers in 2007. The dimensions total 41x42”, Marques Vickers village portrait series is a five-year exploration into imposing abstractive and color variations into common facial portraits. Each painting was sourced from enlarged digital imagery with Vickers’ unique varied and vibrant color brushstrokes exposing interpretive personality facets of the individual. The intensity behind each face is illuminated by pulsating backgrounds. The intent is to reveal a broader more profound view of facial topography and the compositional elements that layer each subject. The paintings were created during his southern France residence in the Languedoc region between 2004-2009. Vickers’ works have been exhibited internationally in art galleries, exhibitions and are part of numerous public and private collections.
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