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Breaking Even Ski Book Signed by Dick Barrymore "It was the winter of 1969 in Sun Valley. Ski film maker Dick Barrymore had just tried a pair of skis from a new American company. He loved the way they performed and called the company suggesting he shoot a film with the skis as the star. The company agreed to sponsor the film - and pay Dick with a pair of the skis. The rest is history. Dick Barrymore became a legend and the ski company, K2, has also done okay. During our long partnership Dick and K2 made seven films. These movies not only entertained with incredible ski footage, but they also helped capture the changes that were going on, not just in skiing, but in the world. After reading Breaking Even, we had to be part of this book. We've been on too many humorous adventures with Dick to miss out on this one." -- The past and present people of K2. Ski film maker Dick Barrymore's autobiography. Ever wondered who started today's form of hip extreme skiing films? Describes the first ever hot dog contests, and the origin of the K2 wet T-shirt contests. Hilarious! Incredible insider ski history from the 1960's through mid 1980s. By Dick Barrymore, 1st edition, published 1997. Soft Cover ski book with 333 pages, 9x6 inches Photos included.
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