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Easter egg wraps are great fun for the whole family. Made with modern material, these non-toxic printed sleeves will shrink onto an egg when dipped in boiling water. The egg jackets are designed to unite the fun of decorating Easter eggs with learning of the traditional Polish Easter celebration. Poland and surrounding Slavic cultures have a long standing tradition of decorating eggs for Easter, these eggs are called pisanki. Now you can create your own pisanki for Easter with these easy to use egg wraps. Set contains 10 different designs. Made in Poland. Instructions: Instrukcje: • Cut with scissors between the jackets. • Boil and egg and let it cool off. • Then put a jacket on the egg and put the lot into boiling water for 3 seconds. • You will have ten beautiful Easter egg in a few minutes. Caution: Due to use of boiling water, children require adult supervision. Safe for health. Do not keep sleeves under high temperature. The Folk Series - Easter eggs encompassing folklore motifs, based on local techniques and examples from different regions of Poland. They contain elements enticing to children such as ponies, fish, cockerels, yak and traditional folk ornaments of the fondness taken into adulthood. In the series are Łowicz Easter eggs, batik Easter eggs, kraszanki Easter eggs, huculskie Easter eggs and Kashubian.
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