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This long-lasting, fade-resistant, mineral-based formula delivers weightless, high-impact color in one swipe with a natural, luminous finish that looks gorgeous on any skin tone. Glides on easily and applies smoothly and evenly Contains vitamins A, C and E to help protect against wrinkle-causing free radicals. Oil-absorbing properties. Crease-resistant. Steel pan fits perfectly into the Mary Kay® Compact. Colors were selected by a professional makeup artist for wearable, everyday looks. **Compact not included
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Sweet Cream2$8.67Buy Now
Almond1$8.67Buy Now
Azure1$8.67Buy Now
Chocolate Kiss2$8.67Buy Now
Emerald1$8.67Buy Now
Ballerina Pink1$8.67Buy Now
Black Pearl2$8.67Buy Now
Cherry Blossom 1$8.67Buy Now
Cinniibar2$8.67Buy Now
Coal4$8.67Buy Now
Copper1$8.67Buy Now
Denim Frost1$8.67Buy Now
Driftwood 1$8.67Buy Now
Honey Spice1$8.67Buy Now
Iris1$8.67Buy Now
Ivy1$8.67Buy Now
Gold Coast1$8.67Buy Now
Golden Vanilla1$8.67Buy Now
Granite1$8.67Buy Now
Lavender 1$8.67Buy Now
Lemongrass 1$8.67Buy Now
Lime 1$8.67Buy Now
Midnight 1$8.67Buy Now
Moonstone 3$8.67Buy Now
Peacock Blue1$8.67Buy Now
Polished Stone 1$8.67Buy Now
Precious Pink 1$8.67Buy Now
Rosegold 2$8.67Buy Now
Silver Satin3$8.67Buy Now
Sienna 1$8.67Buy Now
Silky Caramel1$8.67Buy Now
Sparkling White1$8.67Buy Now
Sterling4$8.67Buy Now
Sweet Cream2$8.67Buy Now
Sweet Plum1$8.67Buy Now
Truff1$8.67Buy Now