Perpetual Calendar 50 Years 2010-2060 Key Ring


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Hebron, IN
Our unique Perpetual Calendar Keychain will allow you to take a sneak peek into the future, or past, without jumping in your DeLorean or whipping out your smart phone. This nifty, impressively low-tech, 50 year calendar spanning from 2010-2060 will gift you with the ability to determine what day of the week a date will fall on or has fallen on. Taking into account those fun leap years too! So next time someone requests to make a date - impress them by whipping out this Fred Flintstone like calendar while checking the time on your sundial watch. The shiny mirror like surface on the back is an added bonus! Take a quick inventory of any low hanging boogers, eyeliner smears or food lodged in your teeth. Is that a black bean? But you haven't eaten any since your lunch outing at Chipotle 2 hours ago... yikes. Zinc Alloy. Measures 1.6 inches in diameter. Key chain hook has 360 degree rotation for added durability. Characters on the compass are engraved and filled in, will not easily fade. Allow 3 weeks for FREE International delivery to U.S.or Canada.
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