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This is an American Optical Microscope, made in America, which was a clinical/hospital level microscope. Many of them are used in colleges throughout the country as well. It is in great shape and has been fully serviced. Everything works very smoothly. Features: • 3 Objective lenses, 1 of which is Plan Achro. It has a 10x 45x and 100x Objectives (the 100x is an oil immersion objective and requires immersion oil to functional properly) • 10x Widefield Eyepieces which will yield 100x, 450x and 1000x magnifications • Built-in light • adjustable stage with really smooth x/y motions and slide holder. • Both Coarse and Fine focus for precise focusing $300.00, tax and shipping in cash. 30 day "repair and return" warranty. Contact Brian at IMS to order at 847-588-1818 ext 1607.
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