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Back at the Dawn of Time, there lived a Tree. The sky had not fully formed and the mountains were very young, and yet still, there was a Tree. It was The First Tree and it was so bright with life that it illuminated all that surrounded it. The First Tree glowed with a life-force that was intensely vibrant, even before it's leaves had fully formed. The seeds that this First Tree produced were so pure that once they spread their wings to pollinate, their vibrancy lit up and created the sky. And the first thought the sky had after being created was "We are Joy!" And the tree was content. And so it is... "The First Tree" is part of our "Twilight Zone" series from the Utah Creation Labs segment of Oz Fine Art Studio. It is offered here in our 3 most popular sizes, signed and numbered by the artist and strictly limited to the first 10 of a series of 100. None will ever be sold after number 100 of 100 is purchased. Metals are brighter and have more depth of saturation. They can be kept in direct light and last nearly forever. Canvas Wraps are traditional art gallery fare, pretty, a bit less saturated with color, and will fade if left in sunlight or very hot, damp areas.
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