Nintendo D Si Xl 20 in 1 Special Edition Silver Starter Kit


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Key Features and Benefits: Charging Dock FEATURES: Charge and dock your DSi XL with a dock where power meets style CARRYING CASE FEATURES: Offers portability along with protection USB SD CARD READER FEATURES: Transfer your data to and from via USB port CAR CHARGER FEATURES: Stay charged and entertained while traveling EARBUDS FEATURE: Crisp and clear audio experience AUDIO SPLITTER FEATURES: Share your audio with friends 3 SCREEN CLEANERS FEATURE: 1 screen cleaners and 2 micro fiber cleaning cloths keep your DSi XL shiny and smudge-free Carry ALL TOTE BAG FEATURES: Carry everything conveniently 2 SMALL PRECISION STYLUSES FEATURE: Increase gaming accuracy 1 LARGE PRECISION STYLUS FEATURES: Increase comfort and convenience while gaming 2 sets of screen protectors FEATURE: Keep screens new and scratch free 3 game cases FEATURE: Keep your games organized and protected 2 wrist straps FEATURE: Protect your DSi XL from being dropped or and keep your large stylus handy
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