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**CONTENTS OF PALLET COMPLETELY RANDOM AND UN-SORTED** Some books are new in package (but most are used books). Here are some examples of what you may receive in these completely random pallets of books: * Text Books * Collectible books (vintage books, first editions, author signatures) * Cook Books * Books on Tape * Audio Books * Software/Games/Learning * CD / DVD / VHS / VIDEO GAMES * Calendars and Planners These books are books sent in by other Amazon sellers that did not sell and were tagged to be destroyed prior to being charged "long term storage fees" from amazon for extended warehousing. Just because these books are Amazon destroy books doesn't necessarily mean they are "un-salable". In fact, we have found that Most of these books are highly salable! Why would they be destroyed? Here are a few reasons why these books may not have sold: *Priced too high *Seller forgot to remove them from destroy program *Book was not popular or is seasonal (ie. christmas books listed during spring and summer) *Laziness of seller (improperly categorized, etc.) *Text books out of school season In the pallets you will find over $10,000 value in books. These books are for re-selllers, most of our clients re-sell on amazon or in there book store or a combination of both. Photos are example only, we sell many pallets of books for month- this product does not come with a manifest. Buyer may come see actual product in person and choose which pallet they would like to buy on trade. Whole truckloads of books are available. Thanks!
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