2011 2015 Vw Jetta Complete Brake System Rotors Pads X4


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These are all BRAND NEW VW parts that came across the parts counter at the VW dealership. Purchased a new car few years ago got a bunch of " VW Bucks" to spend, and spent it on new rotors and pads for the front and back, traded the car in last summer and these are not much use to us now! should fit 2011 - 2015 jetta and perhaps the beetles as well. CHECK YOUR APPLICATION - CALL THE DEALER AND ASK as we do not know if they will fit your car or not. Sorry ! Two 5c0615301A rotors Two 1k0615601aa rotors one box of 5c0698151a pads one box of 5k0698451a pads All brand new original VW parts. Shipping from 64075 aprox 60 pounds. Tax only if traded in MO.
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