Stop & Go Tubeless Puncture Pilot


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Description for Stop & Go Tubeless Puncture Pilot • The Stop & Go Tubeless Puncture Pilot allows you to make an on the wheel repair to your tubeless tire and re-inflate it on the spot • This kit includes the award winning Pocket Tire Plunger with its 15 mushroom shaped rubber plugs and the very compact Mini-Air Compressor • This all fits into a durable zippered canvas bag that measures only 7″ x 3″ x 3.5″ and weighs only 1.7 lbs. • The mushroom plugs measure 5/16″ diameter shaft x 3/4″ in length • They work on all tubeless tires while the Mini-Air Compressors are intended for use on motorcycles, scooters, mowers, small tractors, golf cars, and ATV's • Some other features are a 12 volt compressor unit with built in Gauge & LED light • 66″ power cord that fits battery tender connectors • 12″ alligator extension clips and 36″ extension lighter adapter • 4″ tire valve hose with sports needle & inflatable adapter Note: Safety experts recommend that punctured and/or plugged motorcycle tires should be replaced as soon as possible.
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