Wood Podium with Frost Acrylic Front Panel 48" tall Pulpit


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Downers Grove, IL
FixtureDisplays Wood Podium with Frost Acrylic Front Panel, 48" tall, Easy Assembly Required. A podium, like a lectern or pulpit, is a great way to draw your audience's attention. Mahogany finished from melamine MDF with an frost acrylic front panel and silver accents, this podium looks great on any stage or platform. Make presenters feel confident and proud to be standing behind of this podium. This podium stands at a height of 48" tall, allowing audience members to easily see the presenter. This podium also comes with a spacious, angled reading shelf, providing all the room you need to deliver a successful presentation. Presenters can place their notes, laptop or other presentation materials they need on the shelf. The reading panel is set at an angled position for easier reading. There is also an additional built-in shelf at the bottom for storing other necessary materials. The front panel of the podium is matched with a beautiful cross, which is made of 1/8 inches white acrylic, make this podium looks more attractive! This podium, also known as a lectern, is prefect for conferences, auditoriums, conventions, hotels and churches. Specifications: Overall Size: 24"W x 48"H x 15.7"D; Height faces to audience is 48", height faces to speaker is 45.2". Shelf Size: 13.1"W x 11.1"D; Base Size: 24"W x 15"D, 0.7" thick; Shelf Clearance: 7.4"; Weight 43 lbs; Material: Acrylic, Melamine MDF; Color: Red Mahogany + Frost; Placement Style: Floor Standing; Top Surface Size: 24"W x 15.7"D; Book Stop Depth: 0.5". We can apply your custom logo to any of our Acrylic Podiums - Please email us your logo to: cs@fixturedisplays.com Logo options: * Text Only Wht. Letter Vinyl - 75.00 (minimum); * Premium - Full Color on Clear Vinyl - 95.00 (minimum); * Laser Etching - on 10 x 10 Acrylic plate - Custom mounted to podium -125.00 (minimum); Must provide print ready file -- Prefer Adobe Illustrator -- Can work with a High Quality PDF or JPG. We also help you re-create artwork to meet production requirements for $25 deign time.
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