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Bradenton, FL
Our GetGotGood Pepper is quickly becoming our most popular pepper as it boasts 2 of our CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) digestible Essential Oils. The first is Yylang, Yylang which is known to enhance hormonal balance in both female and males, which naturally increases libido, and our cannabinoid oil Copaiba, which helps to support one’s immune, respiratory, integumentary, cardiovascular and neurological systems. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits and pain reducing qualities. Ylang, Ylang is also in Marilyn Monroe’s favorite fragrance Chanel No.5. GetGotGood Pepper, with its robust flavor, and distinct taste, is great on fresh salads, in soups, on eggs, sandwiches and everywhere you would normally use your pepper. It has therapeutic benefits and great flavor!
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