GeriZyme with BIOCELL COLLAGEN™ and OptiZinc (90 tablets)


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Our most advanced and complete nutritional formula for pets with Degenerative Joint Disease, hip dysplasia, joint defects, cartilage injuries and connective tissue disorders. GeriZyme™ contains the nutritional cofactors necessary to body produce enzymes that reduce harmful free radicals which in turn cause degenerative joint disease. Product Description A palatable formulation of enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals for use in the prevention and correction of nutritional deficiencies in arthritic dogs where free radical damage has occurred. *Reduces oxidative damage to joints. *Contains a balance of vitamins and minerals. *Boost the body’s ability to produce enzymes Superoxide Dismutase and Catalase. *Increases zinc absorption without adversely affecting normal copper levels. *Delivers natural and reliable anti-inflammatory action. *Superior defense against cytotoxic free radicals that cause destruction of healthy cells. *Dosage and administration: 1 Tablet per 20 pounds of bodyweight. Very Small Dogs: (5 to 10 lbs.) 1/2 tablet per day. Small Dogs (15 to 20 lbs.) 1 tablet per day. Medium Dogs: (30 to 45 lbs.) 2 Tablets per day. Large Dogs (50 to 70 lbs.) 3 Tablets per day. Extra Large Dogs (Over 60 lbs.) 4 Tablets per day.
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