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Destiny Belize: Imagine a community of believers, working together to build a Christian community focused on an oasis of hope in an otherwise turbulent world. Away from the background noises of modern America, Destiny Belize is a sanctuary designed from the ground up to serve as a refuge for believers to live and work and minister to others. Nestled in the lush country side just north of Belize City, Destiny Belize sits on 350 acres of rich rain forest property with plenty of water and vast swaths of farmable land. Most of the property is still beautiful rain forest – accessible with a few logging roads. It is really awesome – mahogany, hardwood, palm, coconut and fruit trees. Lots of medicinal herbs in the jungle, and with year round temperate climate and nearly constant Caribbean breezes. Belize is an English speaking country whose constitution acknowledges that “God is Supreme, and that He is our Creator.” As a result Belize has laws that are based on the Word of God, and that support religious freedom. The chief goal of the community is building a “family” of like minded Christians who passionately love the Lord, and are committed to Godliness. holiness, and serving others, not only in the community but with the indigenous peoples of Belize. Destiny Belize isn’t open to everyone but is designed for Christians who may be led to move from the US, or who desire a vacation home, or investment property. Community members own their own land/lots within the community, which can be sold or transferred with the approval of the community leadership. This is similar to a condo association or a housing co-op. Lots range in size from 1⁄8 to 4 acres. Prices start at $8,000 for a 1⁄8 acre off grid undeveloped lot. !/4 acre off grid lots are $10,000. Survey and closing costs are in cash.
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