Set of 4 Asian Dolls


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Set of 4 Asian Dolls. This set of dolls is in fair condition. Set contains 1 cloth doll, 1 bisque child doll, 1 plastic woman doll, and 1 woman playing the pipa doll. The cloth doll has some discoloration and a stain on its face. Doll measures 18" tall. The bisque child doll comes in an original box and has a rice farmer hat. The face of the doll has some discoloration from age/wear. Doll measures 8" tall. The plastic woman doll was likely on a stand that is now lost. The doll's left hand arm has become detached. Doll measures 16.25" tall. The woman playing the pipa doll is still in its plastic packaging and is in great condition. Doll measures 16" tall.
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