Thundercat's Jacked Up Java 1 Pound Bags Whole Bean Coffee


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Oregon, WI
ROASTS, BLENDS & FLAVORS AVAILABLE: Banana’s in Pajama’s Blueberry Blast Brown Sugar Java Jitter Butter Pecan Please Butterscotch Bliss Coconut Caramel Crunch Creme Brûlée Saves the Day Dog I Need My Nog Eye Die for Chai Granny’s Grog Guatemalan Buzz Kill Hazelnutlishious Jamaican Me Crazy Lucky Irishman Mack Daddy Macchiato Manic Mudslide Mile High Chocolate Biscotti Mocha Madness Nutrageous Maple Ramped Up Raspberry Rumble Russian Concussion Tiramisu for You Trick or Treat Coffee Twisted Cinnamon Vanilla Almond Java Juice Vanilla Beanrific Wide Eyed Whitey - (Highly Caffeinated Albino Beans - Nutty Flavor - Pale Color) **PREMIUM SINGLE ORIGIN ROASTS - $15 Java Junkie’s Jacked Up Cold Brew (Blonde Roast - Origin Varies - Currently Uganda) Extreme Bean Expresso (Espresso Roast - Tweaked Spelling to Match the Roast - Origin Varies - Currently Honduras) Colombian Catastrophe (Blonde, Medium or Dark Roast) Costa Rican Fly High (Blonde Roast) High Octane Office Fuel (Blonde Roast Origin Varies - Currently Brazilian) **PRIVATE RESERVE SINGLE ORIGIN SPECIALTY ROASTS - $20 Jacked Up Java Private Reserve (Origin Varies - Currently Kenya) Peruvian Dark Private Reserve Peruvian Blonde Private Reserve
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