LifeButton24 GPS Button w / Fall Detection and Caregiver App


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The Anelto GPS Button is perfect for ensuring the safety of your seniors, lone worker, and children. It features water resistant enclosure, and two-way voice. The Anelto GPS Button comes with a charging cradle and lanyard for ease of use. This plan includes Caregiver App. This easy to use app allows loved ones to check on the wearer of the device. You are able to see their location, send an audio ping the button if missing, and input prescriptions and more. This plan also includes fall detection. When the button is being worn around the neck it will be able to detect if the person falls and automatically trips the device as if the button had been pressed. Signal can be cancelled in case of a false alarm. This plan includes the device, and the monthly monitoring for 3 years of monitoring. It is worth every dollar to keep your loved one safe.
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