Pain-Free Arthritis: A 7-Step Plan for Feeling Better Again


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A pain-relief expert reveals a proven and unique seven-step program for alleviating arthritis painAlthough sixty-six million American adults suffer from arthritis, Pain-Free Arthritis is the first book by an established rheumatologist to present an effective program to alleviate its often incapacitating pain. Over the last twenty years, Harris H. McIlwain has treated thousands of arthritis-pain sufferers who have found lasting relief by following his treatment program. Scientists have learned a great deal about the mechanisms and types of arthritis in the last few years. McIlwain has distilled this information to its practical essence: the entirety of this book is not geared toward explanation but toward natural relief.The program created by McIlwain shows readers how to eliminate arthritis pain in joints, knees, wrists, hands and fingers through:- preventative and therapeutic exercise ;- a low-fat, anti-inflammatory diet reducing Rheumatoid Arthritis ;- alternative therapies that really work ;- the latest prescription drugsVictims of any variety of arthritis will find concrete, feasible suggestions enabling them to resume a normal, active life. Now McIlwain's successful methods are made available to all arthritis sufferers for the first time. 320 pages Used:Good Condition FREE SHIPPING US ONLY
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