Auto Hail Shield


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Littleton, CO
To get the most bang for your buck, we have listed the following as perfect opportunities to protect your investment: Use nightly before bed during hail season, use whenever you have to park on the street, going on vacation or out of town on business, garage remodels or construction on or near your home, kids home for summer and your car may be in the new "kid Zone", yard sales in your driveway, parking near any golf courses or when needing to valet park. Oh yea, you need protection! We Have You Covered (Literally) *6mm (3 stacked nickels) Padded Protection *Tested and Approved *Reliable, Covenant Protection *Affordable, Rental Option Available * Replacement Warranty *FREE Deductible Protection Plan in the event your car does get hit with hail For more information, visit, a Colorado Company! (Standard and Full size only)
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