Milligramz CBD INFUSED Facial Care Kit


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This hand made luxurious facial care kit has people of all ages saying how they're glowing after only 1 use. Using a mild base all of the Milligramz products are low ingredient high quality products. Easy to use and understand the products are used one after the other, leaving skin radiant and smooth. The founder himself is amazed at the results to his own skin. All Milligramz products contain A blend of smooth hemp seed oils and HEMP EXTRACT for all the healing benefits of the cannabis plant without the THC. The kit includes one of each: 1. Lavender Sugar & Salt Scrub (20g Net Wt) 2-3 uses every other day. 2. Clay & Charcoal Mask (20g Net Wt) 2-3 uses every other day. 3. Hydrating Witch Hazel & Rose Water Toner (30g Net Wt) 2-4 weeks daily use. 4. Moisturizing Facial Cream (20g Net Wt) 10 days daily use.
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