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Gahanna, OH
Note from IMS: In this unprecedented time, many unusual things are happening. We all have seen that there has been an extreme shortage of facial masks in various parts of the country and supplies are changing daily. Some IMS members have stepped up and have come with their solutions. Each of you needs to make a determination if this is a good fit for you to assist with opening up your business. With this offer, you will receive a package of 50 masks. These surgical masks are FDA certified. Some of the masks that are advertised are not FDA certified, which means they are able to be sold for less. Please also understand that I am a reseller of these masks and am not the direct manufacturer, which means my cost is more than if I were a factory. I have priced my listings accordingly. Due to the shortages of masks, I have purchased these masks in order to attempt to offer a service to IMS members so they can get their businesses into compliance with the new mandates. I will ship promptly from Ohio. Shipping is $24.99 paid via paypal or check. If you have any questions or would like to place a large bulk order, please contact me directly at 614-323-0395.
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