Real Preserved Roses - 6 colors available.


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Arlington Heights, IL
All REAL ROSES that last a lifetime. All of candles are made of a solidified edible grade white mineral oil. The material is 100% all natural and burns completely CLEAN. No soot, no toxins, no carcinogens. The material is Hypoallergenic. The material will burn 5-7 times slower than wax. We use all real flowers, fruit, botanicals and sea shells to create the artwork. We put all of the artwork together by hand. Once the piece is ready, we heat the material and pour it over/into the artwork. Once the material has solidified, the artwork is complete and will remain forever. While the material is still hot, we insert a votive glass in the middle of the piece. Once cooled, we fill the second glass with the same material and a wick. That is the only part of the piece that will burn. When lit, all of the beautiful artwork on the outside will illuminate from the inside. They are BEAUTIFUL when lit. When the center is done, I hand pour refills of the same all natural material in different aromas so now the piece can be refilled and have a new aroma.
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6 colors available Honeydew Melon 6 inch round bowl 1 $75.00 Buy Now