CILI Boost, Natural Mental Clarity, Fast Energy w / CBD & CBG


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Who doesn’t want energy in our busy world today? A mild, refreshing mouth spray made with high-quality, CBD-rich Aquaceutical concentrate oil, natural Orange zest flavor, and elite herbs to convert food energy into cellular energy and into cellular metabolism. The following adaptogens give the body and mind an energy reserve. Carry it with you to take that quick shot to relieve mental or physical fatigue. CILI Boost shot is packaged to be easy and convenient. Slip it in your purse or pocket for that quick pick me up. CILI ADVANTAGES CBD Full Spectrum/Whole Plant Natural Fast Energy Increase endurance & stamina Kola Nut natural caffeine Mental Clarity Quick absorption Orange Zest flavor Key Ingredients CBD Vitamin B6 Kola Nut Gingko Biloba Paullinia Cupana Citicoline Tyrosine CoQ10 (water-soluble) Red Ginseng Eleuthero Rhodiola Bacopa Monnieri
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