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This Loaded Beauty Tote comes with the bag, 4 ATC Hair Care Products, 2 Cushion Paddle Brushes, 2 bottles of hand sanitizers, 1 pair of eyelashes, 1 necklace set with earrings, 12 hair ties, 3 bangle bracelets, 2 pairs of earrings, and one plastic cap. Bag choices are yellow, green, blue, and pink. ATC haircare systems are 8 oz. Silk Moisturizing Shampoo. 8 oz. Silk Moisturizing Conditioner. Silk leave in conditioner 8 oz. More Hair Therapy Solution ( hair oil ) 4 oz. ATC HairCare is a product line developed by Milwaukee orgin Aisha Pasha. Aisha is a hairstylist of now over 18 years. While first getting into the hair industry, Aisha discovered that she had a gift with growing client's hair and choosing the right products that work perfectly for their hair individually just based off of the ingredients and the texture of their hair. Aisha then began to play chemist and mix up her own product that was used to grow clients hair back. After many years of mixing products, she then knew that she would eventually have her own product line. After 17 years in the industry she then released her very own product line called ATC HairCare. ATC stands for Aisha The Cosmetologist. Aisha The Cosmetologist is her hair name used in the beauty industry today. ATC HairCare is currently known for its Silk moisturizing shampoo, Silk moisturizing conditioner, Silk moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner, and its famous grow your hair back oil called More Hair Therapy Solution! This product line is great for all hair types. The Silk moisturing shampoo and both rinse out and leave in conditioners are all perfect for color treated hair, brittle hair, and damaged hair! Bring your color back to life and your hair will feel soft, just like Silk!
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