Lot of 2 Vintage Iridescent Glass art Paperweights Signed OB


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Lot of 2 Vintage Iridescent Glass art Paperweights Signed OBG and Jackson 1) This is a glass art paper weight. It is signed OBG and appears to be from the 1980's. It has beautiful iridescence all around the design and texture. When held it has a hefty amount of weight perfect for holding down paperwork. This is a beautiful unique display piece. it is in good condition with minor scuffs. Approximated Measurements: 3''x3''x2 1/3'' inches 2)This is a vintage glass art paperweight. It has a light iridescent color over the black giving it an oil slick-like finish. The blue accent color makes this piece pop and would be a beautiful addition to any display. The first part of the signature I was unable to decipher, the last part says Jackson. There is a chip in the outer glass, it is hard to notice. No other known damages are seen. Approximate Measurements: 3 1/2''x3 1/2''x 1 1/2'' inches
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