Fetco GR-2.2 Portion Controlled Coffee Grinder


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Aurora, CO
The Fetco GR-2.2 portion-controlled coffee grinder has dual, removable 5-pound hoppers. It is designed to grind only what the operator needs and is suitable for small, medium, or large batches. To provide uniform grind profiles, this unit has a precision slice grinding motor and disks. This machine grinds directly into the brew basket to ease and quicken the coffee grinding and brewing process. Its control panel is programmable, and the grinder is accessible from the front, simplifying service for operators. Designed to combat spills and eliminate the cost of additional grinders, this unit is made of stainless steel and should not be cleaned using abrasives. This unit's hoppers can function as short-term storage containers, and they are quick to wipe down. Product Details Grinds 18 oz. per min. (2) 5-lb. hoppers are removable Hoppers can be used as short-term storage containers Hoppers are convenient to clean Portion control Grinds small, medium, and large batches Precision slice grinding discs and motor Grinds directly into brew basket Programmable control panel Serviceable from the front Design combats spilling Eliminates cost of additional grinders
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