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Looking to work with a Energy Power Specialist on trade? Become Energy Independent Today by taking the first steps. Our DIY program is by the best in the industry and you can use your trade dollars. Save thousands of dollars by learning how to source the right products and with the right MFG's. Our streamlined program can provide you with not only designs and estimates but where to invest your $ first. Start today by investing in your home and future. Stop renting your power from the utility companies. Be better then the average renter by owning and producing your own power. Learn how to produce and own your own power. Get the benefits of all the energy solutions from Grid to Off grid, time of use, solar, generator, battery etc Did you know the Avg home with Solar goes up 15.5% in value. Not only that you can lower your utility bill in part or full. Save the money for yourself. Federal Credits which are dollar for dollar rebate back to you. Not enough tax liability? The credits will carry over to your next year. The key is to take advantage this year while the Govt is willing to help pay and also the states towards your goal of becoming Energy and Power Independent. We can scale this from small to large depending your budget and application. DIY Kit starting from $10684 on trade after the federal & ut state tax credits . to schedule a review or Contact Brent 801-915-6766. voice or txt.
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