Stained Glass Victorian Panel, 12.5" X 23", Gold, Purple


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West Chester, OH
This beautiful stained glass Victorian style window is made with a beautiful center bevel cluster. The center is surrounded with a soft satin glass that is ideal for adding privacy. Two borders create a dramatic effect. The first is a floral textured glass followed by a gold and purple border. Beveled glass is designed to catch and reflect the light creating a wonderful visual effect. The bevels act as prisms that refract the light splitting into the colors of the rainbow. This item is hand made in Ohio. Each piece of premium stained glass is hand cut, sanded, wrapped in copper foil and soldered together. The panel measures 12.5" by 23" and is framed in zinc for strength and stability. Black patina has been applied which will give the panel and antique appearance. Two chains are attached for each hanging. This panel is ready to ship.
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