Gourmet Artisan Bacon - 10 to 12 pound slab

$320.00 - $400.00

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Oro Valley, AZ
**Double Smoked Bacon done according to Old World Standards** Quoted prices are based on 10 lb. pre-cooked weight. Regular - $30 per lb. Jalapeno - $35 per lb. - We can make it Mild or really warm it up! Vermont Maple (most popular) - $40 per lb. - Vermont Maple syrup shipped to us from Vermont by the gallon. You have NEVER had bacon like this! Pork Bellies are cured for 10-12 days depending on size, then double smoked all day long. The bacon slab arrives uncut and completely ready to eat right out of the package! If you must have crisp bacon, simply fry it up. Shipping cost is only what the cheapest most efficient form will be to get it to your home or business. The bacon is hard frozen, then wrapped in styrofoam and wrapping and shipped. It does not need immediate refrigeration due to it being already fully cooked.
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