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A liposomal Vitamin C supplement that gives your immune system superpowers!* 120 capsules Achieves maximum results through a highly absorbable form of Vitamin C Helps boost immune system health* Assists in the relief of seasonal allergies* Enhances white blood cell function* Offers critical collagen support* May improve memory by reducing brain fog* Meet Citrus Kick – the Vitamin C supplement that'd be kicking the highest in a can-can lineup! Packed with a therapeutic dose of vitamin C in its most absorbable form, Citrus Kick is an immune-boosting staple you don't want to be without. An essential vitamin for a strong-kicking immune system, vitamin C helps keep your immune defenses at their maximum while offering benefits for your skin, muscles, joints, brain, and so much more. But, not all vitamin C is created equal. What sets this vitamin C supplement by Lively Vitamin Co. apart from the rest is that it's combined with natural sunflower lecithin. The sunflower binds to your cells to make absorption quick and easy!
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