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U.S. Grown Hemp - Broad Spectrum Distillate - Lab Tested for Quality - Scan the QR code on your packaging to see batch-specific Lab Results - Botanical Terpenes - THC FREE Each CBD Vape Cartridge contains approximately 250MG of Broad Spectrum Cannabinoids including CBD, CBC, CBG & CBN. DOES NOT CONTAIN PG, PEG, VG, or MCT! Ingredients: Broad Spectrum Hemp Distillate & Signature Terpene Blend Flavors: Citrus: Awaken your taste buds with this citrus dominant CBD vape pen. Hints of Florida Orange Blossoms and Honeysuckle Pair perfectly with a Medley of Citrus including Grapefruit, Lemons, and Lime. Fresh: A refreshing and bright expression of everything Green. This CBD Oil Vape Pen features notes of Pine, Mint, Cucumbers, and Fresh cut Grass to transport your senses straight into the Summer. Original: Their signature terpene blend bringing notes of Citrus, Candied Fruit, and Sour Seeded Berries. Both satisfying and subtle, they believe this is what the perfect cartridge tastes like. Robust: Bold tones of Bourbon, Violets, and Earth give this terpene blend a very complex and rich flavor profile. This full-bodied CBD Oil Vape Pen Cartridge was made for someone looking for a savory experience. (Battery Sold Separately)
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