Charley Harper art "Love From Below"


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Columbus, OH
A limited edition giclee print on paper by Charley Harper, and custom framed by Reed Arts. In early 2017, Fiona the hippo was born at the Cincinnati zoo, and she would sometimes climb atop her mother, Bibi, as if to imitate this print. Finished size 23" x 13" Charley Harper (August 4, 1922–June 10, 2007) had an alternative way of looking at nature. His serigraphs were large expanses of rich color, which gave the viewer a very different perspective on the animal kingdom. A conservationist as well as an artist, Harper revealed the unique aspects of his wildlife subjects through highly stylized geometric reduction. Harper said he was the only wildlife artist who has never been compared to Audubon, yet his wildlife art was just as instructive—the only difference was that Harper laced his lessons with humor. Harper believed that humor made it easier to encourage changes in our attitudes and awareness of environmental concerns.
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