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60 gummies Elderberry-powered immune support for both kids and adults in a yummy, gummy burst! All-natural immune support* Encourages optimal wellness* Delicious and easy to take elderberry gummy* Crafted from 4 immune-supportive herbs and nutrients Lively Vitamin Co. is very happy to bring you a yummy, gummy blend of immune-boosting herbs with an all-natural raspberry flavor. These healthy gummies are bursting with nutrients that support immunity, fight off illness, and keep you on your toes at your “berry” best each and every day! Staying healthy has never been sweeter. Crafted with a synergistic blend of immune-supportive nutrients, these yummy gummies include elderberry, echinacea, and propolis, plus Vitamin C. Elderberry is the star of the show in this line-up, thanks to its ability to boost the immune system. (Bonus: it tastes delicious!) Echinacea is fabulous at giving the immune system aid, right when it needs it. Antioxidant Vitamin C supports the lungs, and propolis actives help all aspects of the immune system. And where does the extra yummy berry flavor come from in our Elderberry Burst? Raspberries! Natural raspberries add a delicious sweetness. No synthetic flavors or colors here!
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