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Sun Prairie, WI
180 capsules You’ll love this lineup of immune-boosting champions that act as a personal cheering section for your immune system! Encourages strong immune defense* Supports your body's ability to adapt to various stressors* May increase energy output* Intentionally created with powerful nutrients from herbs, extracts, and plant compounds* Say hello to your own personal immune system cheering section! Elderberry, St. John's Wort, and Myrrh are leading this squad – and your health – to victory. Benefits may include feeling incredible and spending less time down for the count on the couch. High fives all around! This robust blend of plant-powered nutrients is ready to give your immune system a friendly and nourishing boost. Grapefruit seed, myrrh, turmeric, and reishi stimulate white blood cells and help shield against inflammation. Thymus, spleen, lymph, and marrow extracts offer further support in powering up your immune system. The tailor-made blend is topped off with St. John’s Wort to ease the mind and body! A hip-hip-hooray for your immune system, High Five's supportive benefits provide a ripple effect of benefits!*
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