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DaVinci Laser Teeth Whitening of Rochester, NY In Office Teeth Whitening Special Purchase a $149 gift certificate good for a 60-Minute In-Office Laser Teeth-Whitening Treatment at DaVinci of Rochester, NY (a $199 Value) In a Nutshell An organic, plant-based whitening gel and LED light brighten teeth an average of five to eight shades The Deal • $149 for a 60-minute in-office DaVinci laser teeth-whitening treatment (a $199 value) Using a combination of whitening gel and FDA-approved blue accelerating lights, the DaVinci Teeth Whitening system can leave teeth an average of up to eight shades whiter. During office visits, clients apply the signature whitening solution—an organic plant- and mineral-based gel—to chompers. A specially designed LED laser light is used with the food-grade hydrogen-peroxide gel to lift lingering stains. Once the tonal transformation is complete, patients may walk away with the graffiti of tobacco, wine, coffee, and age erased from the highway overpasses of their smiles. After purchasing call DaVinci Laser Teeth Whitening of Rochester, NY to schedule your session. We are located at: 1913 Long Pong Rd Gates, NY 14606 (In the Samson & Delilah’s Salon) 585-272-8232 www.teethwhiteningrochesterny.com
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