Alcamé Imagine Extreme Clay Paste 2.0 oz


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Rochester, NY
Imagine Extreme Clay Paste is part of our Nuage Collection that creates hair that is noticeably thicker and fuller with incredible texture. Use product for: Unleashing your creative skills. Bend, twist, separate, disconnect, spike, and intensify any hair style. What it does: Provides extreme hold, and creates texture and fullness with a matte finish. How to use it: Spread evenly on hands. Then, on dry hair, scrunch into the roots for lift. Work into hair to separate and define your style. Features Stepan-Mild Green Tea Leaf Extract Safflower Flower Extract Tetra Protein Complex Benefits 100% sulfate free, color extending, plant-derived, mild, non-irritating cleansing agent. Powerful antioxidants that stimulate hair growth. Strengthens and softens hair and prevents split ends. Dilates the blood vessels, resulting in more nutrients supplied to the hair follicles. Creates a healthy environment for hair growth. Powerful hair-strengthening blend designed to improve tensile strength. Aids in withstanding the stresses of chemical processes, environmental abuse, and thermal styling tools.
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