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Madison, WI
New Fryer Filter. Talk to Steve in the IMS Corporate IMS Office to coordinate your order. 70 lb fryer oil filter, portable, pressure system. The VITO 80 can operate in deep fryers at service temperature (347°F/175°C) Suitable for 20 - 70 lb fryers. Filtration work cycle lasts approximately 4.5 minutes allowing you to get back to cooking faster Vito's patented filtering process uses pressure to force the oil through a microfilter which greatly increases the lifespan of your cooking oil by filtering out more sediment and carbon than any other filtering product on the market. Save up to 50% on fryer oil costs! Safe to use with no need to transfer the oil to a separate filtering machine - Simply place the Vito 80 in your fryer oil and watch it go to work! Filters up to 209 lbs of oil per minute. Particle uptake of 7 lbs. 17.7" suction depth No additional chemicals needed to clean the oil. Constructed of high quality stainless steel. Partly dishwasher safe. Fully biodegradable cellulose filter Made in Germany using only the highest quality components. Product Dimensions: Width: 4.6 Inches Depth: 6.9 Inches Height: 14 Inches
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