Federal SGR3642, 36" refrigerated bakery case


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Madison, WI
Gently used. Great condition. Like new. Call the IMS Broker listed below to coordinate this purchase for you. The Federal SGR3642 BLK refrigerated bakery case has a steel base that is black, with a scratch and corrosion resistant white display deck. The top, doors, and ends are made from thermopane, tempered glass for optimum visibility. The tempered thermopane front glass is sloped to prevent glares and create the best visual display; it also tilts to facilitate cleaning. Rear doors slide easily and remove for loading and unloading products. The top and shelf lights are shielded to protect the products that sit on the two-tiered, white wire shelves. A condensate evaporator is included to create a self-contained system, along with a condenser air filter. High humidity keeps products fresh with the low-velocity fan system and oversized coil. The evaporator coil compartment is resistant to corrosion, and the temperature ranges from 38 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The entire refrigeration system is accessible from the rear so it can be easily serviced. The Federal SGR3642 BLK refrigerated bakery case is designed so it can be lined up with multiple units. Sizse 42 x 60 x 35 inches. 120 V/60 Hz/1 ph, 1⁄3 HP, 9 A 470 lbs weight.
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