COVID Aware New Years Celebration Centerpieces


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Campbell, CA
#CA6410 “Zepher” Celebration for 10 people $129.99 COVID Aware _Favors and Hats for ONLY 10 people _Hand held noisemakers for mouth free racket raising _All horns are fringed on the end to block and minimize air output _Includes Disposable masks and hand sanitizer for all guests _Includes printed CDC guidelines _Option: can be divided into two separate centerpieces for sharing between smaller households ( 6 & 4 people) Each New Years Celebration Centerpiece is an unique, lighted arrangement of favors artfully assembled by hand so colors and styles may vary from the illustration. It comes shipped complete (batteries included) and assembled, ready for simple setup. Contains: * 5 Glittered “Happy New Year” Top Hats * 5 Glittered “Happy New Year” Feathered Tiaras * 5 Metallic plastic Noisemakers * 5 Colorful Confetti Streamer Bursts * 10 Foil horns with Tassel Fringe * 10 Assorted 33” beads in various colors * 10 Plastic Champaign flutes * 1 18” New Year mylar cascade Centerpiece * 1 package New Years metallic Fanci-Fetti * 10 Disposable face masks (non-medical) CHAMPAIGN NOT INCLUDED Delivery in California $14.75 All other US $24.75
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