3 Sets Innovative Percussion Bret Kuhn Drum Sticks & Bag


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3 Sets Innovative Percussion Bret Kuhn Hickory Drum Marching Sticks & Bag This is for 3 sets of Drum Sticks. These are brand new. This also comes with a Vic Firth 1 pair marching snare stick bag. OVERVIEW OF STICK BAG Nylon Attaches to Drum with Velcro Holds 1 Pair of Sticks/Mallets Water Resistant ITEM DETAILS The Vic Firth Marching Stick Bag attaches to marching snare drums with adjustable Velcro straps and holds a spare pair of sticks. It also provides easy access during quick stick changes! Superior rebound and tone! The Innovative Percussion Bret Kuhn Signature Hickory Marching Drumsticks are designed to Kuhn's exacting specifications. Kuhn is the percussion arranger of the world-champion Cavalier Drum and Bugle Corps. Bret's signature stick is constructed of heartwood hickory and features a long taper and elongated bead for increased rebound and a dark tone quality. The elongated bead results in added tip weight, creating increased response at lower dynamic levels. The FS-BK is slightly thicker than the FS-1 marching stick, for better control and durability. Innovative Percussion mallets and sticks are sought after by top performers and bands to meet the demands of both indoor and outdoor marching and stage use. Whether you play vibes, marimba, timpani, or drums, Innovation makes the mallets and sticks you need. Features Heartwood hickory Elongated oval bead Long taper Length: 17" Thickness: .712"
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