3 Sets Vic Firth Marching Drum Stick STA Tom Aungst & Bag


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Hartland, WI
This is for 3 sets of Drum Sticks. These are brand new. This comes with a new Vic Firth Single Pair of Sticks Bag. OVERVIEW Nylon Attaches to Drum with Velcro Holds 1 Pair of Sticks/Mallets Water Resistant ITEM DETAILS The Vic Firth Marching Stick Bag attaches to marching snare drums with adjustable Velcro straps and holds a spare pair of sticks. It also provides easy access during quick stick changes! The Vic Firth CorpsmasterĀ® Signature marching snare sticks feature designs which reflect the musical requirements of each artist in terms of balance, feel and sound projection. All models are turned in hickory for strength and power with the exception of the MS4 which is crafted in Sta-PacĀ® for maximum weight. The MS1 stick features a full oval tip and short taper to bring out dark sounds on drums and cymbals. This is a pack of three pairs.
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