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Dog Bloom VM Supreme The highest level vitamin-mineral supplement for dogs especially formulated for high stress conditions. Nothing like it anywhere! Contains all 16 recognized vitamins at highly effective levels for heavy stress: Racing and heavy training. Hunting dogs. During pregnancy and lactation. Stud dogs. Heavy show schedules and exposure. Hyperactive dogs. During periods of illness, worm infestations, and worming. Puppies and growing dogs. Allergic Dogs Dry flaky skin & Poor Coat Performance Bloom Gluco Plus -Great for treatment AND protection of joints. Glucosamine & Chondroitin for repairing & lubrication of joints. MSM & Omega 3-Natural anti-inflammatory properties Digestive enzymes to aid in absorption of ingredients High potency Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, enhanced with digestive enzymes and Omega 3! Convenient powder formula for individual dosing and great chicken liver flavor! Xtrabloom Digest Aid Unique blend of beneficial digestive bacteria, enzymes, and FOS – Great Cheese Flavor Aids in proper digestive action during times of: Stress from travel, boarding, or showing Diarrhea or Upset Stomach Antibiotic Therapy or Illness
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